This is an entry for the weekly game jam 144, these are really rough times and the theme "In the Dark" really resonated with me.

Like many people right now I don't know where my next meals may come from and being able to get really engrossed in making this even for just a day was really helpful. The game has 6 levels and I hope you enjoy it!


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I loved this! It reminded me of Hand of Fate in a few ways but some of the later levels relied too heavily on luck as opposed to making the right choice. The sound and visual design is really nicely done as well!

(This is the second game on the video)

Fun game! Liked the music and the art that was chosen! For me, it would have been cool to have the warp cards paired with other cards that weren't warp cards as a high risk, gambler's choice, kind of option. Overall, I really enjoyed it!


Nice artstyle. But RNG is too little rewarding. The chances of losing HP/Sanity with both cards are too high so many runs can be unplayable.

pretty fun, the RNG of it can get a little annoying, but thats the game. the music became annoying by level 5, not sure if its intentional or not.

Nice game, love the art, i struggle a bit with the rng thing but overall neat game.  Keep it going  (●'◡'●)


it's a very good game 


The art style is really good, and the music is cool ! However it is way too luck based, I couldn't beat level 1 because I had no card to step forward multiple times in a row


If I continue with the concept I'll be expanding the scope to include a lot more player agency, I agree! I felt it fit the theme really nicely because I'm even in the dark to the outcomes!

Nice! I really liked the artwork!